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Bluewave web ware is amazing!  Zen Petz tripled in size this year and having the BPPS system is like an additional employee. The staff love logging onto the system and receiving automatic schedule emails instead of constant phone calls racking up countless minutes on cell bills.  Bluewave also eases the burden of running a pet sitting/dog walking/dog training company for me as well.  Scheduling and tracking are simplified and allow me more time to spend with my family and on expanding / growing the business. So much so that I used the system while on vacation several states away! It gave me the freedom to effectively manage my business remotely while my sitters/walkers continued as usual. - Maryann Nash, CPDT, Zen Petz, Germantown, MD.

Hi Chris,
Just a quick note to you...I found out my sister was diagnosed with aggressive cancer yesterday. I will be flying to NY tonight to spend time with her. Because of what you created with the Bluewave Professional Pet Sitter application I was able to reassign and make sure over 250 pet care visits were covered in just over 1 hour. I can also keep my business running from New York. It's amazing. I would not have been able to do this without you. - Bill M., Portland Or.

To our clients, associates, and partners,

Thank you for your support over these four years. We appreciate your comments and where appropriate wil share with on our site. Notes like the ones above give us added energy and determination to continue adding features that save you time, improve the accuracy of your scheduling, and strengthen the relationship with your clients. - Chris Hayne, Bluewave, Inc. Atlanta, GA

Client Access Scores Big

The Pet Owner Access Component is becoming a hit with pet sitting companies clients. This facility allows existing clients the ability to log-on review the services that are scheduled or completed, read visit notes, and request new service. The service request is reviewed by the system administrator, service rate information and staff assignments are finalized, and the client and staff are notified that a new service is "on the books." Here's a typical comment from one of the 200+ companies that use the Bluewave Professional Pet Sitter application.

"Hi Chris, thought you would like to know - I got the online booking feature up and running last Thursday and have already had one booking the following day, two the day after that and two more today. Clients that have seen it LOVE this new feature and are excited to be able to utilize it. One raved on the professional look and functionality it has. Just thought you'd like to hear what I'm hearing."

Setting the Standards in Internet Based Software for Pet Sitters

  • Save time and effort by consolidating scheduling, sitter and client communication, invoicing, payroll, and client/pet information into one easy-to-use software that you can access from ANY computer with internet access!
  • Sitters can logon, access their schedules, and make updates from any internet-enabled device.
  • Lessen the burden of keeping up with all the details, remembering to write things down, and wondering if they're correct.
  • Adds a new level of client respect, peace of mind, and professionalism to your business.
  • Allows pet sitting companies time to focus on important business issues and not the mechanics of booking services.
  • Eliminates the countless phone calls between the office and the sitters regarding client updates and schedule changes.
  • Generate invoices with accurate pricing per service.
  • Quickly re-construct pet sitting schedules in case of extended power outages or other geographic emergency preventing computer access.
  • Monitor accounts receivable and other financial indicators with little effort.
  • Easily issue, track, and apply credits to clients. Apply credits quickly and easily to future services.
  • Ability to vary individual sitter compensation between fixed amount per visit to a varying percentage of client charge.
  • Reference a client's service history in seconds.
  • Maintain a centralized vet list.
  • Track referrals by type or amount of revenue generated
  • Easily identify the effectiveness of referral sources.
  • Allows sitters to review schedules for any time period without having to call the office.
  • Allows sitters to monitor their compensation.
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel allowing for customized statistical reporting and analysis.
  • Send broadcast email messages to the client base.
  • Engineered with "corporate class" software including Microsoft Advanced Server 2003 Enterprise , Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Macromedia ColdFusion MX.
  • Excellent, friendly, and knowledgeable client support.
  • And much more!
What Professional Pet Sitters say... What pet owners say...

"It is very easy to learn and use, yet is a very powerful and complete system."

"In just a few weeks I was able to convert a manual system to Pet Sitter Assistant. It is very easy to learn and use, yet is a very powerful and complete system. Clients and staff (sitters) love it too! Also, technical support for this product is outstanding. This system will definitely save time and allow us to service clients much more effectively!"

Ruth Zehr
Happy At-Home Pet Care, Libertyville, IL

"It was really great today..."

"It was really great today. I showed Peggy how to look at and print the client info that I've been so diligently entering. It was sure a lot better than copying the Service Agreement and then still having a Word document that had "everything else" in it. You're wonderful!!"

New Client comments via email 11/24/03

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I like the new software - it is a nice confirmation. You've gotten so formal since I first met you!  First it was you, now you've got 4-5 more people, and you've got invoices - you're running a real professional business  :) Jodi L.

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I'm very impressed with your new software system. Is it something you had built for your business or is there software out there specific to your industry. Cool stuff. Laura S.

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Thank you for the receipt/confirmation. John R.

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Very cool new software!  Laura M .

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Adele, love the new system - very cool! Julie W.

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Adele, This is AWESOME! Thank you! Tammy F.


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