Pet Sitter Assistant


Support Overview

Support is provided using the telephone or using email. Special attention is given to clients that are new using the application. You will generally connect with a live individual when calling. Email responses to questions are answered within a business day.

Our goal is to have successful clients. Providing quality support is key to achieving that goal. During application orientation special phone numbers will be provided to expedite your questions. Additionally a discussion, Q&A board is available from within the application where previously answered questions are posted.

Our official training policy limits complimentary training to three hours per pet sitting company and a charge for time exceeding the initial allocation. Since commercialization of the product in the fall of 2002, we have never charged any of our clients for training, however we reserve the right to charge for excessive training should it be necessary.

Our objective is to have each pet sitting company "up and running" and successfully using the application as quickly as possible.