Pet Sitter Assistant


Technology Overview

Technology Overview

This application is written using the same proven technology that many of the fortune 100 companies use for their mission critical applications. The software listed below is not a complete list of technology used but represents the significant technological components of the application.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 provides instant access to data and insures data is updated correctly. This product is a true multi user product with row level locking, stored procedures, transaction integrity with rollback capability. Many people are familiar with Microsoft Access that is included in the Professional version of Windows. Microsoft SQL Server performs the same function as Microsoft Access however SQL Server is designed for true multi-user access, row level data integrity, transaction management, and many more features designed for industrial high performance applications.

Macromedia ColdFusion

ColdFusion is an application server (software) that intelligently executes program logic. It works in conjunction with SQL Server and with the operating system insuring optimum allocation of resources based on system load.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise

Windows Server 2003 is the operating system running on the server computers. The purpose of the Windows operating system is to manage the hardware resources, and unlike the home and professional versions of windows, the advanced server versions of Windows are capable of distributing the workload over multiple processors/servers and contains many sophisticated fail over and security features required for corporate / industrial strength use. The benefit to you is that the application will run consistently hour after hour, day after day. Microsoft Windows Advanced Server is a truly elegant operating system.

Macromedia Dreamweaver, Homesite, Flash

Macromedia Dreamweaver, Homesite+ & Flash - Dreamweaver, Homesite, and Flash are the tools that are used to develop and enhance the application. These software tools build the HTML which in turn generates the user interface to web applications. Dreamweaver and Homesite+ build the more traditional looking web applications. Flash will be used in a future release proving a rich interface for the users. Rich user interfaces are easier to use, more elegant, animated, and graceful than traditional web applications. There are only a handful of business applications utilizing a "rich user interface" today, however there are many in development now that will surface over the next 12-18 months.

Another key feature that Flash will provide to application developers, is the true separation of application logic (the program) from the user interface (screens). If you withdraw $100 from an ATM on the corner or from within the bank talking to a live teller, the business logic is the same. In the pet sitting world, the business logic for completing a service is the same if you are using a web browser on a PC, a mini browser on a Palm or Pocket PC, or a mini-browser that's included on most all newer cellular phones. What changes is the interface, the PC has a full keyboard and screen, while the other devices have significantly different display characteristics and input devices. Flash allows developers to build the business logic once, then intelligently deploy that application on the device of your choice, taking advantage of the device's unique capabilities.


The software components listed represent a sizeable investment that exceeds $25K in up front software license expense. The hardware platform and networking equipment are equally as expensive. For this reason, a "boxed" version of the application has not been created for sale to install and run in your office. If you have the necessary technical expertise on staff, adequate hardware to insure satisfactory performance, the necessary Microsoft, Macromedia, and POP3/SMTP email server software and want to run the application at your facilities, please contact us.

The software listed on this page is by no means a complete list, but represents the major components used in the application.

This application does NOT use Microsoft Access or Visual Basic. These are fine tools and appropriate for a wide variety of applications. Due to the criticality of this application and the potentially devastating consequences of a missed service, only commercial grade, industrial strength, proven and reliable development tools have been used.