Pet Sitter Assistant


Adding a New Service

The process of scheduling services for clients is a breeze. After locating the client in a list and selecting the new service option, a screen similar to the one below is displayed. It already contains the client name and the pet sitter most familiar with the client's pets and home. The rates specific to the client are displayed along with any time constraints. The rates and times could be overridden here in case there is a temporary change in the routine. A pop-up calendar helps you select the dates and the plus and minus key speeds entering the dates for shorter services. You select the services requested by placing checkmarks in the appropriate boxes. If there is a reason not to provide service on specific days of the week you can simply uncheck the days which service will be skipped (very useful when scheduling recurring mid-day dog walks). Every other day, every third day, and so forth is also scheduled using this screen.

The system allows for the entry of personal text that will appear in the confirmation message. The ability to personalize the confirmation with specific text helps preserve the warm and friendly relationship that you've built with your clients.