Pet Sitter Assistant


BPPS Advantages

Technological Benefits for Pet Sitters

  1. There are no programs to install, maintain, or update . As new features of the product become available, they can be easily included into the application with no effort on your part.

  2. Application runs independently of operating system. All you need is a web browser and internet connection! You database is backed up daily .
  3. Superior database management using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 . Integrity of your data is very important to all of us at Bluewave. Microsoft SQL Server delivers a high-performance data access and update capability. SQL Server is a true multi-user relational database management system with full rollback, roll forward, and recovery capability.
  4. You and your sitters can access the application remotely from any internet-enabled computer. No software to buy, configure, or install. Manage your business while you're on vacation or if your computer is in for repairs!
  5. Stable, secure server-based environment - generally speaking, servers are more reliable than PCs in several ways: first, the hardware is designed for continuous operation. Second, the servers are focused on their task only; there are no downloaded internet games, no file-sharing programs, no word processors and print drivers to configure and so forth. All of these added software components could potentially compromise system stability or security.
  6. Lets face it, not everyone is an expert when it comes to computers. Using BPPS means you don't have to be a computer geek or hire a geek to keep the system operational.
  7. We often get questions from pet sitters asking why we don't create a "boxed" version of the software so they can install it and run it on their own computer. The simple answer is that this application could not run properly on most home computers, as they do not have the internet bandwidth, hardware, or software it takes to support the application. Without the internet, this application is just a static record keeper, like Microsoft Excel. What record- keeping software is missing is the ability to share information across the internet, to share secure client information with the people that need access to it, and to produce email confirmation messages to clients all in one easy-to-use consolidated application.