Pet Sitter Assistant


Referral Effectiveness

One of the newest additions to the application gives you the ability to quantitatively review the profitability of various referral sources for a given time period. The Referral Revenue Summary / Detail report will calculate revenue based on the referral codes assigned to each client for a given time period.

Referral codes are established by each pet sitting company, letting you customize the list according to where you advertise. You can get more specific by using descriptors attached to each code. For instance, you could have a referral code called "Advertisements" and in the descriptor you can specify the name of the publication and date. Once you assign a referral source to a client, you can track revenue back to the referral source, allowing you to instantly contrast the effectiveness of different referral sources. Performing this analysis for a specific date range allows you to fine tune the results, which can significantly increase the value of the information presented. For example, you could easily determine the referral revenue generated from each of the vets that were passing opportunities your way during the last six months.

Simply counting clients is a limited measure of effectiveness; what is meaningful is summarizing the revenue within a date range. Knowing which referral sources are the most effective allows you to better focus your marketing efforts to achieve the highest return.

The report shown here summarizes revenue from each referral source. A separate referral report shows the number of clients and client names from each referral source.