Pet Sitter Assistant


Schedule at-a-glance (the "wag" IC/Sitter version)

The IC/Sitter version of the Schedule at-a-glance is similar to the Administrator version except that is only shows the activity for the IC/sitter signed on. The administrator can also generate IC/Sitter "wags" for those sitters that do not have a computer. The administrator version of this report can be found here.

Simply clicking on the client name you're able to update the particular visit details. If a visit needs to occur at a specific time, the time will be displayed in red; clicking on the time will let you modify the scheduled time with only two clicks of the mouse.

Sitters often run this report for the month (or pay period) in order to see what their expected income will be.

The administrator users are able to run a version of this report that show all sitter and client activity for the specified date range.

This report was slightly modified so it would fit on this web page. Specifically, a fourth column containing other services (pet taxi, over nights, late night walks, etc) was removed.